Sunday, 13 May 2007

The battle for the mind

I once heard someone say that our minds are the only battle field where God and the devil both have a chance of winning... What are they fighting for? The prize is our heart, our affections, our love.

Will we fall in love with God? Will we admire goodness, holiness, love, patience, friendships? What about God's creation, God's word, God's son?

Will we fall in love with Satan? Will we admire lust, greed, slander, licentiousness? What about the damage that sin has done to God's world, the damage denominational dis-unity has done to God's word, the slander daily thrown at God's son?

The answer to these questions is determined by who wins the battle for the mind. Do you have confidence in God, in his Word, in his Truth, in his Church? If we do then God holds the higher ground in our minds and I hope that whilst writing this blog I will be consciously bolstering God's winning position in my mind!